As owners of Regehr Logging, we have the advantage of selecting the best of our logs to use in the mill.  We use primarily locally grown trees for our beams, siding and flooring, tending to lean toward locally grown pine, fir, larch, birch, cedar and other white wood (engelman spruce, white pine, lodgepole pine, alpine fir).  The ponderosa pine that we have is beautifully “blued” with big knots and is one of the prettiest woods we work with.


Salvage Wood

We try to use mostly trees that are bug killed or blown down after being dead for one to two years.  This wood is seasoned and most of the moisture has evaporated.  These dead and dying trees have the most unique character and would have been left to rot if mills like ours didn’t utilize them.


Using your own wood

Thick ‘n’ Thin is available to custom mill your own wood.


With plenty of logs on hand in the yard, we can begin cutting both beams and flooring planks soon after an order is received.