Surface Texture

Circle Sawn, Rough Cut or Smooth – Just Tell Us What You Want!

Each of these texture styles has a unique look all to its own. The swirls of Circle Sawn wood mark the grainy texture of each plank. Rough cut lumber is wood that has been cut by our mill from a large log. Our customers also enjoy wood milled to a smooth finish.


Add texture to make your job specialWe added just a touch of burn to give this a unique look Use as flooring, walls or siding and you get a look your sure to love

No matter the texture you select, you can be sure that Thick ‘n’ Thin Beams & Flooring can achieve the desired result for your project! Give us a call today to discuss your options!



 A live edge siding can give a real rustic look to your cabin

Wood siding is a long lasting, resilient product that will enhance the value and look of your residential or commercial building. At TNT Beams, we manufacture all of our log siding, using quality woods to ensure customer satisfaction. We offer Log, Beveled Cedar and Board and Batt siding at fair and reasonable prices. Quality wood siding, with proper care and maintenance, will last the lifetime of your home or building.


Shavings and Sawdust

  At TNT Beams, we strive to be eco-friendly by using every little bit of our product, therefore we sell our sawdust and shavings to the local Energy Log mill for processing into presto logs.



Blued pine Blued pineBlued pine

Choose from any number of species of wood, cut to order, for that special paneling or ceiling.

Our favorite is the beautiful “blued” pine with big knots. The “blueing” occurs when the tree dies and bugs invade the wood. It’s the reaction of the bug that causes it to blue. People used to assume the wood was ruined, when in actuality it’s just stained.

If you are seeking a large quantity of non-stock sized lumber, we have a variety of selections in different sizes and grades.



TNT Beams is pleased to offer both stock and custom Moulding. Our Weinig moulder moulds 1/2″ to 5 1/2″ by 12″ planks with the capability of creating both wide planks as well as utilizing a second machine that can create three different textures to make the flooring look distressed.

Moulding helps to enhance the look and value of your home or building. Moulding can turn a mediocre room into a striking, unique room with character. Let Thick ‘n’ Thin Beams & Flooring provide your room(s) with custom styles and options.


House Logs

Larger size logs give your home a one of a kind look There is a endless options when you choose too stain your logs

Choices in log house design are limitless because our mill can “slab” them on two, three or four sides, depending on the look you desire.

Choose from 12″, 14″, 16″, and up diameter house logs. These logs can be 40′-50′ in length. Our house logs are mainly Spruce and Lodgepole Pine because of their minimum taper, and their light weight makes them easier to work with. Along with our House Logs, we provide log siding, milled timers, rustic wood flooring, mantels and arched beams in addition to our many other custom milled timber products.

For those builders and homeowners who prefer a rustic appearance, house logs are one of the best options available on the market today. While readily available from many mills throughout the country, Thick ‘n’ Thin Beams & Flooring will make certain that the quality of your House Logs will meet the high standards required for the look and feel of your structure.

Many builders and architects use House Logs help keep buildings insulated from temperature fluctuations throughout the seasons, and owners will experience a decrease in energy costs as less fuel from other resources is required.



Looking for quality firewood? At TNT Beams, we sell quality fir, larch and birch firewood. In addition, the side lumber that remains after the milling process can also be purchased for firewood at a discounted price.

For our local customers, a truckload of firewood can be delivered directly to your home in the surrounding areas of Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, Sandpoint, Priest River, Bonners Ferry and Northwest Montana.



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