A structural element that is capable of withstanding loads by resisting bending, Beams are characterized by the shape of their cross-section, their length and the material by which the beam is made from. Throughout history, Wood Beams have been the most widely used standard for both residential and commercial building.

Thick ‘n’ Thin Beams & Flooring produces wood beams as large as 28” by 28” and as long as 44’ in length. Douglas fir is the preferred wood for beams because of its superior strength and beautiful grain. Other species can be used as well, such as spruce and a variety of pines. You can order our stock beams or we can mill-to-order a wide variety of woods for your custom beam requirements. Our specialty cut beams can be used for structural support, decorative up-rights or cross beams inside or outside the structure.

For those who want to incorporate the dramatic look of rustic beams into their project, Fir and Larch logs can be left round and hand hewn for that rustic look. Fir is an excellent wood for post & beam frames for both residential and commercial work.


Heavy timber beams can be used to add warmth and character to your residential and commercial construction project. Our timber beams can be produced in the texture of your choice to meet your specific needs. As all Timber is from nature, variations in grain, color and checking are to be expected. Knots of different sizes should also be expected and will add character to the finished product.


At TNT Beams, we supply builders both locally and throughout the Northwest, with quality wood beams, economical transport options, superior wood products and customer service. Each of our beams is crafted to exceed customer’s expectations to ensure complete satisfaction.


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