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For years, Thick ‘n’ Thin Beams & Flooring has been a leading supplier of quality lumber and milled products in Northern Idaho, Washington and Montana. If your project calls for premium natural woods, you can count on TNT Beams for superior wood products for your residential and commercial building needs.

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Thick ‘n’ Thin Beams & Flooring (TNT Beams) is an eco-friendly, family owned and operated sawmill located in Northern Idaho. We specialize in wood products, including beams, wood flooring, siding, moulding, and much more! Residential and commercial builders will find that our products are all from carefully selected, high quality locally grown trees, including: grown pine, fir, larch, birch, cedar and other white wood such as Engelmann Spruce, White Pine, Lodgepole Pine and Alpine Fir. In addition, the Ponderosa Pine that we have in stock is beautifully “blued” with big knots, and is one of the prettiest woods we work with. Thick ‘n’ Thin Beams & Flooring is also available to custom mill your own wood.

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Builders, homeowners, architects and interior designers understand the value that rich woods and warm timbers add to any project. The longevity and durability of timber has been proven throughout history, and can easily be integrated into any building project.

TNT Beams is located in an ideal geographical location to serve the needs of both our local and national customers. The small town of Bonners Ferry, Idaho is located near major transportation systems that include rail and interstate highways.

Custom Orders are welcomed at TNT Beams. Whether you are looking for Custom sized Beams, Flooring, Siding, Moulding, or specialty pieces for Mantles, Archways, Desks, Countertops, etc., Thick ‘n’ Thin Beams & Flooring can meet your specific needs. Our flexibility and design process allows us to quickly turnaround your custom job. With plenty of logs on hand in the yard, we can begin quickly when your order is received.

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 True to the North Idaho way of not wasting anything, at Thick ‘n’ Thin Beams & Flooring, we often use trees that have been dead or dying for one to two years. This wood is seasoned and most of the moisture has evaporated. These trees have the most unique character. In addition, all by-products of our milling process are sold locally as sawdust, wood shavings and firewood.


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